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Indradhanu Project is run by Mauli Seva Pratishthan. This is unique concept of lifelong care and home for homeless mentally ill female destitute found on road and their children. (Project located on Ahmednagar-Shirdi Highway at Village Shingve Naik.

Tal and Dist Ahmednagar 414111), Name given as the great philanthropist and structural Engineer Late.Y.S.Sane donated Rs 6 Lac. This is 100% charity project and all depend upon public donations. “MAULI” don’t have any funding or help from government or any funding institution.

1. All the facilities provided in this institution are free of cost.

2. All inmates are treated for mental and physical illnesses.

3. All their treatment expenses are managed by Mauli Seva Pratishthan from received donations.

Our current intake capacity is 60 Beds. As mentioned earlier we are serving 95 inmates and reunited 32 recovered women with their families till date.

But in most of cases acceptance from their family is very difficult and again these unfortunate women came on roads. Reunited 30 out of 32 are again absconded as proper support and care not given by their family.2 again came in “MAULI”.

Relatives are not willing to accept them as they are always skeptical towards their illness and stigmatized as most of them are assaulted and raped brutally on roads. In almost all cases sexual harassment and repeated rapes happened on roads.

In some cases it leads to pregnancy.

Medical termination is also not possible as they already cross their third trimester of pregnancy when they arrive in “MAULI”

In this difficult situation continuation of pregnancy till delivery become mandatory

Due to lack of hygiene, nutrition and care these unfortunate women are severely anemic and having other physical illnesses along with mental illnesses .Now simultaneously care in pregnancy and after delivery of baby is needed. After delivery care has been taken to stabilize her mental as well as physically wellbeing along with her child.

“MAULI” where they rest in peace

MAULI work doesn’t stop here.

Not only mentally ill but many women are bed ridden and suffering from complex physical illness too.

Inmates with all complex, critical illness are treated and taken care in “ MAULI”.

It includes HIV positive, Tuberculosis, Renal Disorders/Failure, Critical Cardiothoracic diseases, Venereal Diseases …..and lot.

At the end when these women pass away in her own home all the legal process followed and funeral carried out by “MAULI” only. She rest in peace in “MAULI”.

Mother Teresa Ward

This ward is especially reserved for new admissions. When we found wondering mentally ill destitute woman or bed ridden patient along road side first cleaning and thoroughly bathing held in this section. After that patient is admitted /kept here for care and treatment. At initial stage mentally ill women are becoming violent and try to escape but proper security arrangement is there. This ward is also occupied by few mentally ill and HIV positive patients. Bed ridden patients need personal attention. All care taken personally. Many critically ill /bed ridden patients are also living in this ward. Capacity of this ward is 6 beds only but due to excessive arrival of new patients from road currently there are 26 inmates !! This is very difficult to manage ,but at least these unfortunates get their own home. Living here is better than living on road. We have changed interior arrangement of this ward accordingly. We removed all beds and used plan mattress on floor. Flooring also replaced with antiskid flooring. For proper ventilation and air purification we have fitted Air Conditioning unit along with Dakin's Air Purification System. In project Mangav we will expand this capacity and facility.

Mahamanv Baba and Sadhnatai Aamte ward

This ward is reserved for patients which are partially recovered from their mental and physical illness .

MaiMauli section

This section is exclusively for children born in "MAULI" with their mothers. Now 12 Children along with their mothers stay here. Age group of children is 1month to 13 yrs. 3 children are now school going. All children are very cleaver and normal physically and mentally.

Late Madhukar Vitthal Prabhu Ward

This section is constructed with the help of Late.Madhukar Vitthal Parbhu kaka and his son Mr.Sridhar Prabhu. This section is especially for fully recovered women. These all are under treatment for physical and mental illness but are stable and contribute in daily activities in "MAULI" Total 60 inmates are residing peacefully in their own home in this section. They are helping each other and working independently.

Tathagat Gauttam Budha Auditorium

This is multipurpose hall for therapies secessions. Cultural activities Celebrations etc. This is mini theater also .Films are screened on big screen. This is Yoga and meditation centre also. Yoga and meditation activities held in this hall.


Well equipped and highly sophisticated in house kitchen serves to all inmates in "MAULI". Daily Tea, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner given accordingly. We are not accepting cooked food or remained food for our inmates. We cook here only. Food grains, utensils ,grocery items are accepted as donation in kind.


Multipurpose hall

This hall is used for watching TV and also as dining hall. We are using this hall for Agarbatti making work and stitching of cloths.

Aggarbatti Making Unit

Recovered inmates are making handmade aggarbattis (essence sticks) which are widely used for worship in India. In this way we are trying to become sustainable on our own. Now a days we have created our own brand �MAULI�. We have given names of our inmate women who are making these aggarbatties to that specific essence. Selling this product in local market.


Mind Radio

"MAULI" is a first charitable organization running first of its kind internet radio dedicated only for MIND. This internet radio transmits program helping to nurture mind and giving hope for the persons in mental as well as physical distress .This Radio is available on our Web site i.e. www.msp.org.in and separately on www.mindradio.in Recently we have launched Android App of MIND RADIO. Anyone can hear the MIND RADIO on android base mobile device.

Solar Electricity /Control Room

We are proud that we are 100% green. We are using solar electricity for all our daily needs. Hon.MP.Mr.Rajivaji Shukla had donated this 10 KW solar electric generating system. Not only electricity but we are using solar water heater for our daily hot water need. This System is donated by Crompton Greaves Ltd.

Centralized RO Water Filtration Unit

For water supply we have bore well in our premises. This water is very hard. Our respected donor Mr.Subhash Khakal donated Big RO Plant for purification of water. Our tap water is pure and like any mineral water quality.

Gym/Exercise room, Activities

To keep fit mentally and physically our inmates have facility of small Gym. Here they can work out on sophisticated Gym machines like treadmill and mini Gym.





Guest Room

If you want to visit "MAULI" and help us in our daily work or you want to observe our daily activities. You are always welcome .For residence of guest two well maintained guest rooms are available on 2nd floor.

Well Equipped Laboratory and Medicine Store

Highly sophisticated Auto analyzers for Biochemical and Hematological tests are available. These equipments are donated by GKN Sinter Metal Pvt.Ltd. in their CSR activity. Almost all Biochemical and Hematological tests are performed here to understand the illness.

Ambulance Service

For pickup of wondering mentally ill woman from road our ambulance help us lot. Also we need to go in big hospital for some specialized investigations. This ambulance is our multi utility vehicle as it also help us to bring grains and vegetables from market and at last to carry our inmates to funeral. Dr.Kumar Rakshe - AVP Lokmanya Group Of Hospital donated this maruti omni Ambulance and help greatly .

Still we need big ambulance with modern facilities .But Big Corporate Houses are engage in giving ambulances to commercial trust hospital in the name of charity��

Psychology Testing

Psychological tests are carried out with the help Dr.Vasant Desale (HOD Psychology Dept.)of Dept. of Psychology New Arts and Commerce College Ahmednagar.

Treatment and Operative Procedure Facilities

Lot of time we need ultramodern investigation to rule out mental as well as physical illness of our inmates. Dr.Dhananjay Wagh and Dr. Suhas Ghule (Both Radiologist) are helping us for USG to MRI scanning of our inmates. All the services they are offering are free of cost. Dr.Rausaheb Borude and Dr.Darshan Gore are helping us for Ophthalmic problems. Dr.Shyam Tarde and Dr.Suchit Tamboli are taking care of our children. Dr.Arvind Gite (Ortho. Surgeon)is always ready to help us in orthopedic operative procedures. Dr.Sanjay Aasnani(MDS) is helping us for dental procedures.


All these doctors are working as a social responsibility and without any honorarium or professional fees.


Existing premises is now limited as inmates are increasing day by day. Wondering mentally ill women are coming from road to their own home. Going back in families is very difficult task. So day by day this number is increasing . Respected donor Mr.Balbhim Pathare and Mrs. Meghmalatai Pathare once visited "MAULI".After observing all the work born compassionate artist feel That they must help us . They offered 3 Acres of land half km near to "MAULI" . This land costs INR 1.25Cr Now on that land we are going to build new home for homeless, wondering mentally ill female destitute and their children. This will be their life long care home and they can work and enjoy rest of their life here.


What we are planning in MANGAV

1) Mangav will be the township(Life Long Care Home) for poorest of poor.

2) This will be the unique life long care home for orphan, family less ,mentally and physically ill women.

3) There will be intake capacity of 500.

4) Children born from abused ,raped mentally ill mothers will live here happily and study further .whole care will be taken by MAULI only.

5) 100 Bed Super spatiality Hospital including

a) 20 Bed ICU

b) 10Bed NICU

c) Operation theater Complex

d) Ultramodern Investigation techniques ,MRI,CT Scan Unit, USG, Digital X-ray, Pathological Lab,EEG etc.

e) This hospital will be 100 % free and only for those who are faceless and living on road, needs specialty treatments. One must not die without treatment and food on road.

f) Small Farms(Poly Houses)

g) Dairy farm

h) Use of Solar and Biogas Energy

i) Institute of Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.

j) Meditation Centre.

Whole this work is depend on Public Donations only.We don't have financial assistance from Government or any funding agency from India or Abroad. (MANGAV project estimated cost will be INR 25 Cr.)

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