Mental Health Awareness
There are so many misunderstandings about mentally ill peoples in society. Some fear and some misunderstanding leads to neglecting towards these peoples.
In society mental illness is treated very badly. We are creating awareness about the mental illness by providing basic facilities to them and directly approaching them.
We have started support help line for mentally ill persons benefits. Any one can call us on our number and can give information about these peoples. We will take care of them. Second thing, if anybody fills that he is suffering from sever depression or any psychological aliments he can call us for support.
If anybody fills to do suicide he can also contact us for volunteer will guide him and help him to solve his problem and live happy life.

This is the unique project of its kind. As we know mentally ill person are heading towards darkness. No hopes, no support. Their life is lonely and miserable.
At Post : Shingve
Tal/Dist. : Ahmednagar ,
City: Ahmednagar  - 414 111
State: Maharashtra,
Country: India

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