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About Ahmednagar

Condition of Road side mentally ill people in Ahmednagar District and reasons for it

The largest district of Maharashtra - Ahmednagar, which share borders with Vidarbha, Marathwada and Konkan is facing a unique problem - presence of mentally ill people on roads.

The reason behind this problem is considered to the geographical location of Ahmednagar, it connects southern and northern part of India. Three main inter-sate highways are running through this district. So it is believed that mentally ill peoples from neighbouring states are picked up by their relatives and left on these highways.

Apart from this two world famous pilgrimage centres "Shridi" and "Shani Shingnapur" is in this district. It is also believed that tourist and devotees who visit these places may bring mentally ill people from their family and village along with them and left them on the highways while returning back.

Being located in sugar belt, the sugar industry has not only bring prosperity for some but have also created a socio-economic disbalance, which lead to depression and mental illness.

In villages due to deprived living standards and changing behavioral pattern in farmers families, parents are being neglected by children after division of land and home. The situation has created many social problem in the farming community.

The economic development within the district is lopsided. The southern part of the district viz Jamkhed, Karjat, Pathardi, Parner, Shrigonda, Newasa and Nagar thehsil is economically backward and most drought prone. On the contrary, northen part namely Rahuri, Shrirampur, Kopargaon, Rahata, Sangamner tehsil is largely irrigated and enriched by sugar industry. Hence mentally ill people are coming from both parts on highways due to changing life style, lower socio economic conditions and changing behavioral pattern from both the parts.

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